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ever since newtown, instead of turning in disgust against the ar-15, people have been rushing out to buy them. the "new york times" yesterday calling it the most wanted gun in america. i mean how sick can you get? and shame on us as a nation. >> we will see you back here tomorrow, tokes. this is "the bill press show."
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: oh, good morning. here's the problem jacki schechner. chris lavoie tends to blurt out personal information before we go on air. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: what does everyone know about?
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jacki schechner is here. [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] who is not at my house drinking at the super bowl party because she was at another one. jim ward was at my house drinking. when i went to bed last night jim ward was still drinking at my house at my super bowl party. jim not here. >> interesting. what did do you to jim? >> stephanie: well, listen, i don't know. our other truffle member, melissa fitzgerald was there. maybe she has some information. [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] we'll have to dive into this when jim arrives. >> to grace us with his presence. >> i think jim and i are on opposite sides of the beyoncé issue. not since michelle obama's bangs has there been -- >> stephanie: what is it? >> i think he liked it. i had some problems with it. we'll have to talk about it. >> stephanie: you'll join us after the -- do the news. call us! >> call us! >> good morning everybody. president obama heading to minneapolis today where he's going to meet with local law enforcement officials and leaders to discuss his gun
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safety proposals and also talk about the measures that cities have already taken to curb gun violence. afterwards, he will give public remarks where he may discuss the latest tragedy the shooting death of chris kyle. a former member of a seal team three, also known as american's deadlyist sniper. kyle volunteered his time helping veterans deal with post-traumatic stress. police arrested 25-year-old eddie ray ralph a many rear -- a marine forallegedly shooting a neighbor at a gun range. they suspect ralph was suffering from some sort of mental illness. approving mental health -- improving meant ath health services is one aspect of gun safety on the table. another is universal background checks. a proposition with tremendous support from everyone except the nra and at least not now because back in 1999, nra executive vice president wayne lapierrre was in favor of universal background checks and a clip of that was
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used in an ad that ran during the super bowl. >> we think it's reasonable to provide mandatory in-state criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> america can do this. for us. >> that clip was part of an ad by mayors against illegal guns. again it ran just in washington during the super bowl yesterday. that was the nra in '99. we're back after the break. stay with us. and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪
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♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> i would feel good if i hadn't drunk so much at stephanie's last night. >> stephanie: jim's here, everybody, look! it was totally holding. he was holding him! go niners! we weren't paying attention to football at all then it got exciting after the blackout. i was like okay, now we got a game! all right. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] jacki schechner in from the current news center. >> good morning. >> stephanie: wait a minute. we double newsed you. ♪ jacki schechner again ♪ >> stephanie: good morning jacki schechner. >> good morning. >> stephanie: super bowl party of people who don't follow football. how is there a power outage at the super bowl? >> there was a guy at the super bowl party i went to who did a quiz. one of the questions was will there be technical difficulties. we were like dumb question then sure enough. >> you know what? is it the superdome?
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the superdome is a really old stadium now. so -- >> not so super. >> stephanie: biggest tv event of the year. you gotta call schneider. toolbox. something going on with the electrical. >> madonna pulled the plug. beyoncé was so good. >> stephanie: all right. >> should we get to beyoncé? >> stephanie: we had a whole sexist beyoncé thing at my house. go ahead jacki. >> what do you mean? >> stephanie: you do yours i'll do mine. >> i'll preface this by saying she's a beautiful woman and she's a very good dancer. if you're trying to get rid of the -- >> stigma -- >> the question of whether or not she can sing, it would be good to actually sing. and i don't think she did a heck of a lot of singing last night. she did a lot of speaking. >> stephanie: i thought the production was good. the sound.
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>> the sound sucked. >> i thought the entire production, the entire show was phenomenal. >> she didn't sing. >> i look at it as a giant performance rather than just this part of the singing or just the part of the set or just the -- stuff want to know what the sexist debate was? a couple of the guys were saying things about how big her thighs were. my friend katherine said she just had a baby. >> her thighs have always been big. in single ladies, her thighs were huge. nobody criticized her there. >> stephanie: guys who are like -- barcalounger, look at her legs. >> it takes muscles to dance like that. please. we're going to talk about the size of beyoncé's thighs? please. >> stephanie: she's beautiful. >> i would rather talk about her lack of singing. >> but more importantly did she flash an illuminati sign. >> those are only on your web site. >> that's on yahoo. >> stephanie: what's an illuminati sign? >> i don't know. >> giant headline conspiracy.
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>> stephanie: for an entire group of people that did not watch football, that was totally holding against the san francisco 49ers guy in the end zone toward the end wasn't it? holding call. that's what jim harbaugh said. he was right. >> i have no idea. >> i was on my way home at that point. >> stephanie: you could see it in the slow motion replay. he was totally holding the guy. >> i left my party right after the lights came back on. >> of some us had to get up for work in the morning. >> stephanie: jim left my house moments ago. jim can confirm right? i go to bed before people leave. every party. >> you do. >> stephanie: my friends rob and trish -- somebody else. she's like we should go. i said don't be ridiculous. >> you still have my kitchen to clean. >> stephanie: nobody cleaned my kitchen. i got that. >> did you pick up some leftover food off the counter and bring it in to eat? >> stephanie: no, i gave it to jim and everybody at the party because i still had a rumbly tumbly. i was like oh, i should not have had that pizza.
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>> both of you missed our happy hour. >> i know. >> all three of you missed our happy hour on friday. >> stephanie: it is taking a week for me to get over my food poisoning. i've had the rumbly tumablies. [farting sounds] >> i underestimated the extent of the dental procedure i had done on friday. >> stephanie: we had a food party. neither of us made it. you were all million dollar baby. me because of my food poisoning incident. >> it looked like i had a botox accident. >> stephanie: she tried to rinse. the water just -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. i had some dental work done. i thought it was -- the anesthesia would wear off quickly. turns off not so much. [jim mumbling] >> it was like that. should we talk about the stripper pole later? >> what?
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>> stephanie: we all went to a dinner party at melissa fitzgerald's house on saturday night and she has a stripper pole. [ applause ] she's really good at it, i gotta say, jim. i'm not so much. >> you made a dollar. >> stephanie: i did. you got a picture of my friend rob shoving money down my pants. did you tweet that? >> did i tweet it. i gave it to chris and he could put it on the facebook page. >> stephanie: awesome. men shoving money down my -- back at the itchy kitty in -- >> did it come back like riding a bike? >> stephanie: there is a technique, isn't there jacki? >> i did not have the opportunity to partake in that. >> stephanie: we've lost jim for the rest of the show because his visual of melissa fitzgerald doing the stripper pole. >> what was she wearing? >> clothes. >> stephanie: actually, jim would have been really hot. she was dressed like a '60s housewife. she cooked and had an apron on.
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>> high heels? >> stephanie: hot brie. and she's on the stripper pole. >> wait a minute. >> stephanie: she's a lady on the street and a freak in the bed is what i'm guessing. >> i was going to say did you want to say that on national radio? >> stephanie: i'm just guessing. we'll talk about the apron and the pearls and the stripper pole. >> she did have the little gold slip-on shoes. that was very appropriate. >> stephanie: she did. >> i think that should be her stripper name. hot brie. >> stephanie: we'll ask her. >> i missed cheese. >> stephanie: ask jim about melissa fitzgerald's pole dancing. a great weekend was had by all. woo-hoo. [ applause ] >> stephanie: jacki cheated on me with another super bowl party somewhere. >> i did. i had an affair. >> stephanie: all right. >> it was satisfying. there were tacos. >> stephanie: it was a long super bowl for me because i couldn't drink. so listen, it has been a long -- but i think my tumbly is back to
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normal. >> you gave it to peter ogborn because he was out this morning. bill's producer. apparently he did the cooking. >> stephanie: oh dear. all right. jacki schechner, what else? what else is breaking? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> i made a key lime pie. that was a big to do. >> stephanie: jacki schechner whips up a mean key lime pie. i'm not even a pie person. >> she's from south florida of course. you're required to make a key lime pie if you're from there. >> stephanie: there was a rather indelicate moment when i said to jacki schechner lay back and think of miami. it will be over in a minute. >> one of melissa's neighbors who was a fan of the show was invited up to meet stephanie at the exact moment she decided to hug me. so that didn't go well. >> you weren't drinking? >> stephanie: playful pseudohump. not an actual one. >> you weren't drinking and this happened? >> stephanie: oh no, saturday i was.
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listen, i have a template that i read that i call melissa fitzgerald or jacki the next morning and then's a hi, it's steph. i know you're straight. [ applause ] they know. they don't care. they love me. >> guys are nice to me, too. this is stephanie. let me peel myself off of you and say hello. >> stephanie: he expected to encounter such dignity i'm sure. he was like oh my. >> and now the news. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right honey bun. see you at the top of the hour. love you. i mean that in an appropriate way. >> love you. [ applause ] >> stephanie: okay. all right. i'm just saying it was a controversial call. we didn't expect to be into the game. we were totally into the game. it turned around. >> there was a game? >> it became a game. >> there was a game? >> mm-hmm. >> stephanie: i know. it was an excuse for a party for me too. i don't know what happened.
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they were mounting a comeback. the 49ers. >> the dogs predicted it. they were right. polyoctopus. >> stephanie: all right. so we have lots to get to. usual rude punditness and eric boehlert. which one should we do? gun debate, of course. there was a great piece in the "new york times" about what's her name? gayle trotter and how just hilarious and ill-advised her whole testimony was. obama is coming to take all your guns. >> after the election, a lot of gunshops reported rising gun sales. >> official announced starting january 1 2013, he will be waging war against the second amendment. ♪ taking everybody's gun ♪ ♪ tell them that obama is making
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the rounds ♪ ♪ he's taking all your guns, baby ♪ ♪ if that's the way you see it, baby ♪ ♪ he's taking all your guns ♪ ♪ heard it from a friend who ♪ ♪ heard it from a friend who ♪ >> stephanie: yahoo. rocky mountain mike. all right. in other breaking newsreel quick, thank you chicago. biggest box office day in the history of ever at the chicago theatre ever. >> stephanie: the all-time box office record, chicago theatre. thank you, chicago.
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i love you back for the april 13th show. i would hurry and get your tickets for that show. sexy liberal chicago april 13th. tickets went on sale friday. >> someone said please tell steph the holding car was on a raven or not a niner. oh steph, it is so cute when you try to talk to pigskin. >> that's what i meant. he was holding the san francisco 49er guy so he lost three steps and he didn't catch the final ball in the end zone. i know what i'm talking about! [ whatever! ] >> i'm just relaying a message. i have no knowledge of football whatsoever. >> stephanie: going to be all butch today. 17 minutes after the hour. kids carbonite is how -- i don't know what we would do without it. everything that runs this little business is encased in carbonite. our little sound bytes and jingles and things, everything in my box frozen. in time. frozen caveman box. >> they should have put the computer switch that runs the
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lights at the superdome in carbonite. then they wouldn't have had a problem. >> stephanie: all your files everything, your music your pictures, your documents financial documents maybe creative stuff you're working on. do what we do. get carbonite online back-up. it backs up everything in your computer automatically and continually whenever you're connected to the internet. do not have to think about it. $59 a year for unlimited back-up. everything is up there. securely in the cloud. you can also back it up. access them from anywhere. your computer, tablet, smart phone. >> what? >> type in offer code stephanie. free trial. no credit card required. plus two free bonus months. the offer code is stephanie. 19 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: for a good time, call now. 1-800-steph-12.
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i want the people who watch our show, to be able to come away armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion.
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♪ freak out ♪ ♪ freak out ♪ ♪ ah, freak out ♪ ♪ freak out ♪ ♪ now freak ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." his rudeness rude pundit coming up at the bottom of the hour. 1-800-steph-12 toll free from anywhere. dana in maryland. hi dana. >> caller: how you guys doing? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: good. friday night some shenanigans debauchery. everybody? >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: okay. a little bit. steph, did you stay home and
6:26 am
hydrate? >> stephanie: i did. i stayed home and hydrated friday night. >> caller: i'm happy you're better. >> stephanie: i did ill-advised things saturday and sunday. >> caller: sometimes you have to let loose. first of all you are correct. crabtree was held by jimmy smith in the end zone. you're not out of your mind. i watched the whole game. rooting for the 49ers. absolutely held. it was the b.s. call. >> stephanie: i know. >> caller: you were right. >> stephanie: thank you. it was an awesome comeback, the 49ers mounted. >> caller: it was. i'm a redskins fan but i was rooting for the 49ers for other friends of mine and i'm a west coast girl. it was a good game. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: it was a good game. my point today is obviously about guns. i want to shout out to that poor child whoo who's being held by the lunatic. >> so sad. >> caller: it is. i understand why they're not covering it much because he has tv so they don't really want him
6:27 am
to get riled up for any reason. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: as a parent, it is unfathomable. just sending good juju there. this guy in maryland, near us, is now tripling the price of the ar-15. he has a wait list for this particular weapon. and he said it is fashionable. as the parent of a child in school five minutes from my home and this guy is on a wait list? i mean that's really scary. who are buying these weapons? >> stephanie: yeah. he said he can't keep them in stock. >> stephanie: did you hear there are now -- there's called skeeters. people with skeet shooting theories about the picture of the president. skeet shooting. that's basically, it was an industry for fox news. he would have had a belt with shells and people -- i don't think he was shooting at anything. it is not -- >> god. >> stephanie: i mean really?
6:28 am
>> he wants to take your guns away! he's not trying to take your guns away. which proves that -- >> stephanie: he was asked by new republic magazine has he fired a gun. he said yes. we do skeet shooting all the time. not his daughters but a lot of guests that come up to camp david. i heard it was just 24/7, them analyzing it. skeet shooting birthers, they're skeeters. josh in memphis. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi josh. >> caller: how you doing miss steph? three things for you. i'll be quick. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: number one. best halftime i've ever seen in my entire life. i'm a football fan not a halftime show fan. >> stephanie: i was like outside talking to someone and i have like -- it's music. it's the halftime. we didn't care about the football. >> caller: it was amazing. number two, it was not a hold on the end zone play because they get 5 yards to mug the opposing team's receiver. they were on the 5-yard line.
6:29 am
as soon as he hit the end zone you can watch it. he releases and let him go. that's 100% legal. >> stephanie: i thought they were saying because he was pushing back it is not a hold. it looked like a hold to me. >> caller: they both get five yards to mug each other. >> stephanie: that's a boy fact. >> caller: it is. number three, how did you like the way chris culver blew the entire game over the karma of the gay comments? >> stephanie: bet you that was it. >> caller: i'm just saying every five minutes chris missed another pass or whatever. you know. >> stephanie: right. every time he missed a pass, a gay boy scout gets his wings. thank you honey. tony in chapel hill. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi tony. >> caller: hey. a couple of quick facts. orange county is the only county where i can get your show. >> stephanie: uh-huh.
6:30 am
>> caller: they have a 5.5% unemployment rate. >> stephanie: that's because of my show. >> caller: yeah. i travel through other counties on my way to work. they both carry rush limbaugh. unemployment is over 7.5%. coincidence? i think not. >> stephanie: thank you very much for that! "the stephanie miller show," anywhere you can hear wchl, chapel hill, unemployment down. see? thank you very much. appreciate it. [ applause ] >> stephanie: please and thank you. all right. i don't have time -- kev i'll have to take you after the break. obviously lots heating up on not just the gun debate but everything else and the rude pundit hilarious and rude as usual this week. >> he's good. >> stephanie: he's good. i always have one thing he writes every week that i think i will never love anything more. he wrote one thing that i love even more than anything else he's ever written. i will tell you after the break.
6:31 am
>> oh, dang. i have to stick around. >> stephanie: lest you be so clunky. defeat the whole purpose of my finesse. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> glittering diamond of super evil. >> stephanie: thank you. it is "the stephanie miller show." happy monday. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere.
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♪♪ the rude pundit ♪ ♪ papa, papa, papa, who ♪ >> stephanie: good morning papa. >> good morning. it has been so long since we've spoken. >> stephanie: right? >> i know. are you feeling better? >> stephanie: i am. well my recovery has been a little, shall we say bumpy. takes a little while to recover from food poisoning. >> maybe you shouldn't have gone to spinning while you were still suffering. >> stephanie: someone needs to -- the universe was forcing me into rehab. very upsetting. >> your bowels got plenty of exercise. >> stephanie: right. thank you. >> i'm sorry. >> stephanie: i loved your piece on the mentally ill appear at the gun hearing. which essentially refers to the pro gun nuts that appeared. you said if you wanted to make a case for mental illness as a primary cause for gun violence, you get all of the evidence you wanted from the senate judiciary hearing. there were so many up sodes of
6:37 am
bat [ bleep ] paranoia that diagnosed schizophrenics bowed their heads in horror. honestly, if at some point the nra's wayne lapierrre had started control the manifesto they would have thought this is unexpected. this is how crazy they've become. >> even yesterday, wayne lapierrre was on. it was chris wallace of fox news saying dude, really? just every time that lapierrre would say things like oh no, if you don't think they're coming to take away our guns, you're wrong. they're coming to take away our guns. wallace would say you're taking something and you're taking something that's here and saying that it is actually going to affect something way over here. and lapierrre did not back down. >> stephanie: i was reading another piece rude, i think is true. i think the nra is misplaying this because you know, they're
6:38 am
basically saying nothing's different now. things are different. i think after newtown. they're coming off as so -- when 92% of the american people are let's say for background checks and they flip-flop even on that. i mean they don't seem, as you say, sane to anybody at this point. >> the thing about the background checks that i found interesting is they were initially for the instant background check. i remember the brady bill was first being proposed. but the thing was when they were first for instant background checks the technology wasn't here yet. and so it was easy to say oh, yeah, we're for instant background checks when we get there in five to ten years and but yeah, they're just -- there is a certain -- i mean if somebody was that obsessive about any other thing, if you were obsessive about drugs about anything, that was actually causing harm to the
6:39 am
community, to society at large you clung to that and said no matter what, we need to keep doing what we're doing, you would call that person crazy. i mean, diagnosebly crazy. >> stephanie: obviously much has been written and said about gayle trotter as you say embodying the gun nut -- a senior fellow at who the [ bleep ] cares. [ laughter ] ironically, she has been against the violence against women act and here she is testifying about how she needs an uzi. i mean, yeah. right. you were saying she talked about quote-unquote the peace of mind a woman has as she's facing three, four, five violent attacker ins her home with her children screaming in the background. the peace of mind knowing she has a scary looking gun gives her more courage when she's fighting criminals. o'donnell said you don't go to the senate to imagine. you go to testify about facts. >> right. you know the whole thing is
6:40 am
just all based on some kind of bizarre fantasy. i mean it really is. the zombie apocalypse is about to happen for gun lovers. if the zombie apocalypse happens, if it was going on right now fine. you would need a large magazine. right now no zombies no large magazines. >> stephanie: as you note, sheldon whitehouse pointed out the gun was not subject to any demands -- she didn't care. that's what i said. a shotgun pointed apt your head is not a scary enough looking gun. oh, it is only a shotgun. i'm going to proceed. >> right. there was actually a -- somebody stopped a shooter -- a coach that stopped a shooter at a school just this last -- on friday or something. he was using a legal gun. he was using a gun that would not be banned under the assault weapons ban. so, it is not as if these
6:41 am
guns -- lindsey graham talking about -- >> stephanie: i was just going to say -- weird things you wrote about lindsey graham, i can't repeat on radio. >> go to rude pundit to read them. >> stephanie: told a story of another woman using a gun. shot an assailant five times. she had twins. would i be reasonable american to want a family to have a 15-round magazine in a semiautomatickic to make sure if there's two intruders she doesn't run out of bullets? does that make sense? you say yes but what if there was a shark driving a helicopter, would one be unreasonable in asking for a launcher? this is what i mean. it is the imagined scenarios that don't happen. >> we're living -- you know, for me, it's almost like a piece of how we react to things in this country that scare us. we take the most extreme fantastical idea and we force everybody to behave as if that
6:42 am
remote possibility is going to happen. that's why we take off our shoes at airports. >> stephanie: there might be a shark with laser beams attached to its head. >> the sick thing about all of this is whenever these tragedies happen, gun sales go up. the nra loves it. they have a financial stake in more of these tragedies happening. >> they want to be at the top of the newscast. >> there we go. if liberals were good at the conspiracy theory thing, if they were good at driving the narrative, that's what -- that's a conspiracy theory they would put out there. that some shooter was actually a set-up from the nra. instead of it being the obama administration setting up newtown. >> stephanie: there is a great piece. i don't know if you saw it in "the new york times" editorial. dangerous gun myths the idea that guns make women and homes safer is wrong. it cites in study after study absolutely the opposite is true
6:43 am
of what gayle trotter testified to. >> right. you want to say for every person that stops a criminal, possibly stops a criminal because they had a gun, how many people get killed to save that one person? >> stephanie: i'm look at the first study for every instance in which a gun in the home was shot, there have been seven assaults, four accidental shootings, 11 attempted or successful suicides. you know, the cost benefit balance of having a gun in the home is especially negative for women according to another 2011 review from harvard. far more making women safer. it is a strong risk factor for homicides. that's why it is so dangerous. what she testified right? >> yeah. and again you know, nobody is going to go around and take away everybody's guns. all we're saying -- this country is too far gone. we're not going to take away, you know, the 10 ca trillion
6:44 am
guns that exist in this country already and that grows exponentially every couple of weeks. but if we can't say that hey how about a little bit of sanity then we're kind of -- you know, ungovernable. and maybe that's the goal. become so ungovernable that we need the guns. self-fulfilling prophecy. >> stephanie: that's what wayne lapierrre is selling. this is such a -- we live in such a murderous hell hole, that's all that can save us is good guys with guns. >> that's it. and the thing is everybody's armed. wouldn't it be hard to tell good guy with a gun than a bad guy who has a gun? >> stephanie: exactly. let's talk about -- i wanted to get to this because obviously everybody with the oscars debating "zero dark thirty". grappling with the torture works. here's the problem. most things, i fell asleep. he brought the screener.
6:45 am
i watched part of it. i've heard a lot of people say what you're saying about it. i was citing, katherine big low wrote i don't believe torture led to us getting bin laden but to do a movie that portrays that is not -- obviously she's making the free speech argument. >> my argument is her intentions don't matter. what matters is what we see. every writer, every artist in the world would love to be there and say no, no, no, you're getting it wrong. here's what i thought when i was doing it. but it doesn't matter. she doesn't actually -- yes, i agree. i think it was actually a great idea as far as the narrative of that time period to say here's the horrible things we did. but there is no way you can't -- you can watch that movie and not come away thinking -- in that moment when the tortured prisoner is treated well, that then threatened with being
6:46 am
brought back for more torture that is when a piece of information is revealed that ultimately leads to bin laden. >> stephanie: right. you say -- this is exactly what i've heard. you say the movie sets up to root for the c.i.a. so simp listically it leaves out c.i.a. agents against torture. it was understood for entirely entirely -- for entirely the history of the nation. whether bigelow and boll intended that. we as an audience don't trust the artist. their intentions don't matter. here's the part where i think i'll never read something i love more from the rude pundit. here it is. >> do we need a trumpet? >> stephanie: yes. [trumpet sounds] >> stephanie: it is like edward saying he didn't intend his work to be a horror of pain. it is like a cute kitten just
6:47 am
out of frame. you might have wanted to paint that and you might respond but all i see is existential agony not lol cats. >> that's great. >> that's brilliant. >> best thing rude pundit has ever written. >> thank you. >> stephanie: here's high bar. here's you next week. >> that's great. now there has to be something else that's family friendly. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you finished by saying we knew the courier's name wasn't gotten through tort your. we got his nickname before a detainee. even we take that torture played a role. the real question is whether or not we could get information without torture. zero dark thirty dismisses this when islamic radicals can't be bought off. you're saying the impression in total is -- >> totally. >> i know there have been defenders and michael moore andrew sullivan, some people
6:48 am
have really come in and said no, this thing shows us the ugliness of torture and that you know, it is true detective work that gets us to bin laden. yeah. but it doesn't -- it excuses the torture. you know. and again, the artist is not obligated to say -- the writer and director are not obligated to say there were some moral qualms about this. but at the same time, if you don't show that and you act on what you get then you are in some way advocating. >> stephanie: let me get your take. i'm looking at what kathryn bigelow wrote in the "l.a. times." i support everyone's art. as a lifelong pacifist, i protest all use of torture and inhumane treatment. i wonder if the sentiments expressed about the film might be more directly instituted to those who ordered the policies as opposed to a motion picture that brings the story to the
6:49 am
screen. those of us who work in the arts know the depiction is not endorsement. if it was, no artist would be able to paint inhumane practices. that i get the point. she talks about the hollywood tradition of making war films and she said on a practical and political level it does seem logical to ignore or deny the role it played in u.s. counter-terrorism and practice. she said as for what i personally believe i think osama bin laden was found due to ingenious detective work. torture was employed in the early years of the hunt. that doesn't mean it was the key to finding bin laden. it was a part of the story we couldn't ignore. >> again. but she -- but by twisting it enough to say that torture led to -- in any way to bin laden either again either we need to know if that's true or we need to know that -- or she's just trying to cover her ass. she has another reason for covering her ass and that is -- i do think there's something a little bit outrageous about there being a congressional
6:50 am
investigation or at least an investigation, what information she was given and how does that square with what the congress was told. i mean, you know, if you're going to do that, you may as well go to argo and say i don't think the iranians were rushing down the runway after the plane at the end as they show in the movie. you know. that's not part of the story either. so she's under another kind of pressure from the government which is kind of unfairly targeting the movie because it is a work of art. again, i think that her excuse is kind of b.s. covering up first. >> somewhere dick cheney is grimacing and it will be interpreted as a smile. >> it is just his heart stopping for a moment. >> stephanie: rudeness, love you. good luck with that high bar. wear cuffs. 49 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> more than our share of the
6:51 am
mattering may bobs of negativism. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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6:54 am
these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. really? you know i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
6:55 am
>> hear ye! >> stephanie miller. ♪ wait a minute ♪ ♪ get on the floor ♪ ♪ let's do it, man ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 54 minutes -- >> what happens after we leave? >> stephanie: what happens after we leave? damn kids. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number
6:56 am
toll free. kevin in d.c. hi kevin. >> caller: good morning, lovely stephanie. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: good morning, everybody. i'm feeling melissa fitzgerald. it made me feel kinship with jim. >> stephanie: she has a stripper pole in her apartment. >> that's an extra benefit. jim and i are the only two males that -- hmm put this delicately -- need the oral attention from two beautiful women at sexy liberal d.c. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: all right. go ahead with your point. >> i wish. >> caller: give me some credit. what you've been talking about with rude is yet again example of republicans -- they have a war on a lot of things but you know logic and data and previous -- previous experience. i don't -- you know, this guy before background checks, before he was against it. again, i've tried mightily.
6:57 am
i've tried so hard not to demonize republicans. even up to 15 years ago, there were a lot of republicans i still admire and respect. but this crew now, how can the country survive when a large part of us refuses to accept reality? secretary clinton just left saying that they don't deal with reality. how can we survive? this is not a -- they think -- >> stephanie: what she's referring to too is the secretary of state of the united states having to answer question about a fox talking point. the other one about no, there was no live video stream. just because fox news has reported it a thousand times doesn't mean it's true. >> how does it get to them officially? first thing liberals have their friends which we do. but now it is mainstream.
6:58 am
that's how rodney got caught at the debate famously, listening to a ridiculous fox lie and repeating it. >> stephanie: now you have the united states senator that's why that turkey exchange was so funny. she's like turkey? i have things to do! i've got [ bleep ] to do. i'm secretary of state. what? turn on fox news. >> what do we do -- because i don't -- the hardest core at least in my circle, you know, i run is like a reasonable -- like a kathleen parker republican is the closest i run into. i don't rush into people who listen to rush. what can we do. i love laughing at them because they've got to do this stuff. but they're affecting natural policy. it is getting to mainstream. real life hearings for god's sake. >> stephanie: that's why it's funny when it collides with reality. it is when he said oh you
6:59 am
didn't -- because turn off fox news. that's why he got trapped in that whole thing about when the president called benghazi an act of terror. he thought it was a gotcha moment because he only watches fox news. secretary clinton said was there are some people in the politics and the press who can't be confused by facts. they won't live in an evidence-based world. it is regrettable for our political system and people who serve our government and in dangerous circumstances. >> turkey? >> stephanie: turkey? >> if i were president -- okay, stop right there. >> stephanie: didn't you think rand paul had the same ah-ha look on his face? turkey? that mitt romney had. just like that! [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] like no! [ wah wah ] that's why people are leaving fox news in droves. [ applause ] considering more and more facts in their news. we'll talk to eric boehlert about that. >> see if we can get fox news in turkey? >> turkey?
7:00 am
>> stephanie: i can't wait for the next time she's ordering lunch. >> i ordered roast beef! >> stephanie: turkey? no! >> who sent me turkey? rand, get out of the kitchen! >> stephanie: right back with eric boehlert and right-wing world on "the stephanie miller show."
7:01 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello jacki schechner. i'm eating a party bowl of left over salad. shall i send some over? >> is there anything in there that could have spoiled?
7:02 am
>> it looks really wilted. how long did you leave that out? >> could there be cheese in there or protein of some sort. >> raw chicken? >> stephanie: no because jacki knows as a girl, the good news is i might be back in the size 25 jeans and jacki schechner grabbed the back of my jeans to look at what size it was. >> she looked very skinny. i was worried about her. so i thought are you aiming for this? >> stephanie: it looked like sexual assault is all i'm saying. >> no. i was concerned. out of concern. >> stephanie: i know. i'm not trying to lose weight. projectile diarrhea all week. >> then you eat leftover salad again. >> and then you go to spinning class. >> stephanie: all right listen. now we've reached overconcern. just do the news. love you, jacki schechner. here she is. >> love you back. good morning everybody. today is secretary of state john kerry's first day at the office. he took the time this morning to introduce himself to his new colleagues and warn it may take him a little time to get acclimated. >> if i'm wandering around the
7:03 am
building later and i sort of wind up in your office, it is not because i'm there for a meeting. it is because i'm lost and i need directions. [ laughter ] so just tell me who you are tell me what you do and tell me where i am. [ laughter ] >> he followed up with another joke asking if they think a man actually can run the state department saying that following in the footsteps of senator hillary clinton -- excuse me, secretary of state hillary clinton, he has big heels to fill. >> kerry's work started over the weekend, however. yesterday he reached out to israeli and palestinian leaders by phone to assure them that the obama administration is committed to finding a peace process or peace agreement while continuing to take into consideration the concerns of both sides. he also spoke with his counter parts in japan, south korea canada and mexico and had lunch with former secretary of state george schulz who was secretary under president reagan. >> also the "boston herald" reporting this morning that mitt romney's eldest son tagg, may
7:04 am
be considering a run for kerry's former seat in the senate. with the special election in massachusetts set for june 250th, that gives whoever decides to run about five months to ramp up and the "boston herald" is reporting that party republicans are urging the eldest romney to run because he has statewide name recognition and now that scott brown is out he may have the best shot. we'll see what happens. we're back with more after the break. compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. happy monday. six minutes after the hour. i'm -- he was holding the san francisco 49ers guy. >> did they call it holding? >> stephanie: no! somebody called in with a boy fact about why it wasn't. [ whatever! ] >> allowed a five second buffer or something like that? >> stephanie: i'm pro-beyoncé. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. >> the way she brought in -- michelle. >> stephanie: the childs. destiny's child. >> then she shoved them out of the way. 1-800-steph-12 toll free from anywhere. wowee, chicago. wait a minute! [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] sexy liberal tour director, roland. we beat the record of all records in the history of records at the chicago theatre on friday. the april -- april 13th sexy
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liberal coming to the chicago theatre. we went on sale friday at the box office. [ explosion ] this morning we're down to 14 v.i.p. tickets left. the box office did not hold back any v.i.p.s since there was such demand. no additional v.i.p.s will be released closer to the date. still great orchestra and balcony seats. act fast. who knows what will remain after this week. [ applause ] [ cuckoo clock chimes ] b already -- bitches be crazy. >> travis and i were talking that we may come for the weekend. >> stephanie: jim ward? chicago, what if i can't find myself -- >> no one says chicago. >> stephanie: i could have get hit with a building bag of glass. >> dropped off the top of the hancock tower. >> glass vipers. >> stephanie: it's monday. eric boehlert from media matters from america doing the lord's work as usual. >> eric boehlert.
7:10 am
♪ hurts so good ♪ ♪ come on, baby ♪ >> eric boehlert. ♪ hurts so good ♪ >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world. >> i don't know what that means. >> stephanie: eric boehlert from media matters who we love. good morning eric boehlert. >> good morning. >> stephanie: enjoyed your tweets even more than beyoncé over the weekend. >> that's not easy. >> stephanie: the demanded photos of obama's skeet shooting was the same wp that ran endless white house warnings about wmds. that they were fine with but this, they wanted more evidence, right? >> there's two chapters to this whole skeet nonsense. the right wing media nonsense and there's conspiracies and the photos are fake and -- but to me, i thought the real embarrassing part was "the washington post" deciding to sort of wade in on this late last week. do a fact check. and you know, solemnly enough, the white house was you know, curiously silent on why isn't there more proof and all of
7:11 am
this. of course, they look like fools and of course, they got laughed at because what they were doing with that fact check was buying into this obama derangement syndrome. buying into the right wing media of basically you know, everything obama says is a lie. unless he can prove it. and we've never held presidents -- we've never held presidents to that level. >> stephanie: it was a day-long thing. who cares! >> exactly. that's the bottom line. who cares. skepticism is fine. that's an important part of journalism. this is not skepticism because unlike sort of these right wing claims that oh, you know, it is important because he threw it out there. he was pretending he was a gun owner. he was using this for political reasons. wrong. interviews, specific questions have you ever shot a gun? obama, yes. i have. here's where. he didn't put it in a speech.
7:12 am
he didn't put it in an ad. he was answering a question. >> stephanie: he wasn't saying i'm a big hunter and a big shooter. >> so, you know -- you know, if obama said boy i only need five hours of sleep a night is "the washington post" going to demand -- >> prove it! >> demand it on video? >> stephanie: we were talking about this whole -- this is when -- what hillary clinton just said about them not dealing in reality and it collided at the hearings. she's got -- united states senators doing fox talking points. we were saying you know, rand paul, the question about turkey or asking her about the live video feed during benghazi. she's secretary of state. she has to answer to these questions? no. that didn't happen! turn off fox news. >> total absence of evidence is proof. >> exactly. same with the skeet thing. the total absence of proof proves that obama's a liar. again, you know, if "the washington post" made a huge mistake. they should have left this to the nut jobs, the wing nuts.
7:13 am
but they decided it was news. and if you go back and read glen kessler's original fact clerks he spent half of it looking -- check, he spent half of it at looking if he had done skeet shooting prior to 2008. he said it while president at camp david so the "washington post" spent paragraphs determining that he had never done it before he arrived at camp david. i mean the whole thing made no sense. >> who cares! >> stephanie: exactly. back to my original point. is that anything to do with your headline. will the fox news empire in a ratings slump where is roger -- roger ailes' magic touch. they were wrong about everything about the election. look at mitt romney getting caught in this moment in the debate with obama about when he called it an act of terror because they only live in the fox bubble, right? >> that's right. if you look at the fox ratings you know the first term turned out to be a goldmine for fox.
7:14 am
because you know, remember they hired glenn beck the first week of obama's first term. his ratings went through the roof. the whole tea party they marketed. they were branding this anti-obama movement. and it was a goldmine for them. early in the second term, indications are it is the exact opposite. fox news posted their worst prime time ratings in 12 years. in the month of january. so the question is, you know, does roger ailes have a plan b? is he just going to redo what he did for the first term even though the evidence is it's not going to work. there is no tea party surge. you know, a lot of these people thought they were going to be swearing in mitt romney because they watch fox news all last year. so they have -- it will be interesting to see what they do. it seems clear right now the approach from the first term is not going to work. just scream and yell and call them a socialist.
7:15 am
>> stephanie: to your and secretary clinton's point about reality versus facts as you tweeted, four years ago friday, dow 8,000 closing bell yesterday, 14,000. largest four-year gain. >> coincidence. >> stephanie: the facts are so opposite. socialist, kenyan obama story line. >> it is. actually, one of the points i mentioned in my ratings piece is not only fox lowest ratingses in 12 years, roger ailes oversees fox business. some of those programs demo viewers are in the five, six 7,000. it is available in 60 million homes. the reason i think fox news has been dormant -- a ratings doormat is because of this dow thing. you know. they've been overseeing four years of this astounding dow jones growth. fox business has been talking about what a disaster obama is. so if fox business can't acknowledge what's happening on wall street because of their
7:16 am
ideological filters of course they're going to have problems. it is the same problem that i think fox news is finally having. look fox viewers have never held it responsible for getting everything wrong. we could make an argument people tune in fox news in order to be misinformed. but -- >> stephanie: to feel better. >> absolutely. to feel better. to be angry and to be mad. but again that model seems to have been played out. >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world. for instance in the world where mark levine will tell us about the muslim brotherhood. >> the muslim brotherhood has infiltrated our government. it's called barack obama. he's a sympathizer. there, i said it. prove otherwise. you want to look into obama's soul? you want to look into his soul? look at his soul. you know what i see mr. producer? i see chuck hagel. what kind of a commander in chief would nominate somebody like chuck hagel to be secretary
7:17 am
of defense. i'll tell you what kind of commander in chief. the kind of commander in chief that arms the muslim brotherhood, regime in cairo. hollowing out the greatest military force on the face of the earth under his direct command, the united states military. >> wow. >> does he get to yell like that for four years. >> stephanie: he will be making more regular appearances on hannity's show. >> don't call me crazy. >> stephanie: eric, what kind of commander in chief would nominate -- >> exactly. how dare he? how dare he nominate a nebraska, republican vietnam veteran to be secretary of defense. so much for outreach, right? so much for obama working across party aisles. >> stephanie: you're right. the yelling makes it better. if you can't be right be loud.
7:18 am
>> the press for four years demanded why can't obama make d.c. bipartisan? why can't he fix this bipartisan gap? so he -- he nominates a republican. sends him up for a hearing and the republicans maul chuck hagel for seven hours. i'm pretty sure this is the last time we'll see anyone reach across a party line to tap someone for their cabinet. if that's the thanks you get. >> stephanie: eric, are any of your relatives currently listening right now? >> they may be, why? >> stephanie: one, two three -- there's four of us and if there's any of your relatives, five that are hearing lou dobbs on fox business right now. >> after all of the political drama and media controversy neither president obama nor the congress have contributed as much to advancing the safety of our public school students as the nra's lapierrre. >> what? >> huh? >> stephanie: huh? wow. >> what are you smoking? >> stephanie: wow wayne
7:19 am
lapierrre has gone -- done a lot for school safety? >> it doesn't even make sense. they want to put all of the cops in all of the schools. what have they done in the last four years for school safety? flooding the country with 300 million guns is suppose to the make the country more safe? you know, it doesn't make any sense on the face of it. of course, it doesn't make any sense philosophically or any other way. but again you know, this sort of buys into the notion that obama has spent the last four years, you know, obsessed with guns and fighting the nra. which doesn't reflect reality at all. hasn't even talked about guns. >> proof he is trying to take our guns away. >> stephanie: eric boehlert remains in the sidecar. >> or otherwise! >> don't call me crazy or i'll kill you. >> stephanie: he must be a fun date! 18 minutes after the hour. we continue with more right-wing
7:20 am
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ get on your feet ♪ ♪ get up and make it happen ♪ ♪ get on your feet ♪ ♪ stand up and take some
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action ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 24 minutes after the hour. eric boehlert from media matters rejoins us to continue right-wing world. eric bolling who is an entirely different person in for hannity. >> we learn the unemployment rate is back up to 7.9%. and that number could easily be well over 10% if the labor department didn't play with the numbers to suit the left wing narrative. >> what? >> stephanie: wow. >> what's his proof? >> just making nostalgic for the campaign and jack welch and how fox news went all in on that. media matters pointed out another important issue was bolling and others, they claim you know not only does the labor department play with the numbers but they were all going to be revised and -- >> stephanie: i was just going to say. rush limbaugh was sure, eric, he assured us that right after the election, all of these numbers were going to be revised way
7:27 am
upwards because they were playing with them during the election, right? >> turns out that's not where they were revised. so they got that wrong too. not only did they get the idea that the labor department was now under -- was under the command of the obama re-election team but they also got wrong this idea that all of the numbers were getting revised. way up. we were going to see the real truth about unemployment under obama. >> stephanie: glenn beck. >> poll that came out where i was the fourth most admired man in the world. >> stephanie: gak. >> four years ago. now i'm one of the most despised men in the world. i'm crazy. i'm building a waco. whatever. whatever it is. i haven't changed. what's changed? the smear machine. and you don't get past the smear machine. >> whiner. >> stephanie: wow. when you're too crazy for fox news, i mean really!
7:28 am
>> that will do damage to anyone when fox news shows you the door. [ laughter ] >> little crazy. >> stephanie: i would give anything to be on the fly on the wall with his conversations with sarah palin, wouldn't you? >> glenn beck is building his utopia, going to build his own independent community and we'll see what happens there. you know. i don't think he was ever the most admired and i don't think he was ever the most despised. i think now he's just sort of -- >> stephanie: it is worse irrelevant. >> exactly. he's in the money making business. doing great for himself but he doesn't really have any say in american politics. >> no influence. >> stephanie: we run his ads for glenn becky becky stan. deb on cnn. >> regarding ted nugent.
7:29 am
>> visible face of the nra. he believes in background checks but he doesn't believe in background checks for gun shows. statistically, the number of guns used in crimes from gun show is minimal. he reels off the numbers. he has a very firm grasp of the facts. there are billions of magazines trillions of rounds of ammunition hundreds of millions of people who have guns. look, it is never going to happen. >> ted nugent has a firm grasp of the facts? >> stephanie: who can't agree on that, eric? >> folks at cnn need to type into the media matters archive ted nugent and see what comes up in terms of his firm grasp on facts. >> stephanie: eric the only thing that's significant is 40% -- that's nearly half the guns in the country are gotten through either gun shows -- in a way that there's no background check. >> he says statistically, most guns used at gun shows aren't used in crimes. how does he know? all of the guns purchased at gun shows aren't registered. hello! >> stephanie: thank you.
7:30 am
now there's a firm grasp on a fact. all right. eric boehlert, a delight as always sir. thanks so much. >> talk to you. >> stephanie: talk to you next week. there he goes, eric boehlert. sue in rockville hi, sue. >> caller: hey. hi, how are you? >> stephanie: good, honey bun. go ahead. >> caller: listen, belated happy birthday to your mom. >> stephanie: awe. >> caller: i wish her all the best. great see made 90. the nra says we need to arm teachers right? >> stephanie: right. >> caller: the nra says we need to arm janitors. newt gingrich says janitors should be kids. we should let the kids be cleaning so let's give the kids the guns. >> stephanie: are you saying arm toddler janitors, not a good idea? >> caller: i think that the kids and teachers, i can tell you he hates his math teacher. what could possibly go wrong? >> stephanie: grade disputes might get settled differently.
7:31 am
29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> she's a doll. >> yeah, she's super cute. >> everybody says so. >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. looky here.
7:36 am
sexy liberal tour director roland says down to ten v.i.p. tickets for chicago sexy liberal. did not hold back any v.i.p. tickets. that means they'll be gone today for the april 13th show. what? also the box office said hur fans are much nicer than certain other comedian who won't be named. the box office thinks everybody who lined up on friday in a nonyelling manner, thank you for not being yelly while getting your sexy liberal tickets because there was a panic. i would go quick. the tickets may be gone. this week. who knows. >> hey, chicago, you say twice isn't enough? >> 15 is my limit. >> the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour is returning on april 13th. >> bad attitudes. >> tickets are available at come, see the tour that sparked the number one comedy album and its own tv documentary. >> who can argue with that? >> the sexy liberal comedy tour at the chicago theatre on april
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13th. sweet home chicago, is about to get a little more sugar from mama. >> stephanie: yeah! >> middle of april is going to be about 38 degrees probably. >> it is changeable at that time of year. >> stephanie: it is menopausal at that time of the year. yes. >> i remember when i lived in chicago, the leaves were barely out on the trees on the beginning of may. i was like i can't deal with this. >> stephanie: all right. to balance things out hate letter from zack. subject line, you're disgusting. >> your spelled your. >> stephanie: no. surprisingly spelled correctly. >> a contraction. >> stephanie: you're disgusting. that's all. god bless. i don't know what he's talking about. maybe my projectile vomiting. another unsolicited testimonial.
7:38 am
i'm taking steph to vegas. >> vegas, baby! >> stephanie: unsolicited endorsement. i've got that. sid in santa rosa writes steph i've had the steph cast subscription since it came in on the pony express. now, ta-da, the steph app. just look for the dollface in the lacy black cocktail dress. thank you. i don't have to put the shows on my iphone. steph will manifest. so darling girl, you will be going with me to vegas next week. >> vegas, baby vegas! >> stephanie: i get to travel a lot more now that i'm an app. to mexico in march and in vegas i'll introduce you to my step sis who still loves sarah palin. then i'll introduce you to my pals who have ipads. pack a bikini. love sid in santa rosa. what kind of bikini does an app buy? >> a lacy black cocktail bikini. >> stephanie: is there an app bikini store?
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>> yes, there are. yes, you can buy bikinis with apps. >> stephanie: because i'm the ungal with the fart joke streaming. ♪ ♪♪ i can hear her song ♪ ♪ all the way from l.a. ♪ ♪ california dreaming ♪ ♪ she's such a liberal gay ♪ ♪ she's such a liberal gay ♪ >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike. whipping it out this weekend. i tell you what! that is huge!
7:40 am
okay. dale in georgia. you're on the "the stephanie miller show." hi dale. >> caller: stephanie. hello! >> hi, stephanie. i love your show. >> stephanie: i love you. >> caller: the nra now has two arguments keeping high-capacity clips. number one it doesn't matter because people can reload so fast. that you know, it is unnecessary to ban them. but the lady testifying said she needed high-capacity clips because she didn't want to have to reload. which is it? >> stephanie: yeah. and you know, you can't dismiss a lot of the recent shootings were only stopped when they had to reload and get a new magazine. >> caller: i know. see the gun nuts i've known over the years ultimately the conversations turn into what kind of damage their handguns or shotguns will do against the person.
7:41 am
you know, they get into the fantasies. >> stephanie: i say any kind of gun is scary enough looking if you walk into someone's house and you're staring down the barrel of it. this is -- >> the fact of the matter is that little girl -- what's her name green -- >> stephanie: christina green would still be alive if he had a smaller clip. >> stephanie: which is what mark kelly gabby giffords' husband was talking about. i guess we could put this up. in it is in "the new york times" dangerous gun myths. because everybody's talking about this gayle trotter's testimony. it was ridiculous. it is called dangerous gun myths. the idea that weapons make women at home safer is wrong. the opposite is true. not just one. the debate over what to do to reduce gun violence in america hit an absurd level on wednesday. they tried to portray magazines as a plot that would hurt women. gayle trotter she's a fellow,
7:42 am
at the independent women's forum, right wing public policy group that provides pseudofeminist support for extreme positions that are dangerous to women. she's against the violence against women act. she's been a vociferous opponent against the violence against women act. not imaginary scenarios. >> stephanie: "zero dark thirty be" invasions. >> what they attacked me with laser beams? then what? >> stephanie: she spoke of the peace of mind. she has a scary looking gun when she's fighting violent criminals. what clear what she gains since it is not at all clear that sort of thing happens very often. her appearance before the committee was designed to give a voice to the premise however in supportable and dangerous it may be, that guns make women and children safer and the more powerful the guns, the better. ms. trotter related the story. we talk about this with rude
7:43 am
pundit sara mckinley, she shot an intruder. the whole point of the story is it was a gun that won't be banned. it was a shotgun. it was a remington whatever the hell, 12 gauge shotgun something. which would not be banned under the proposed statute. she did not need a military style weapon with a 30-round magazine. there is a more fundamental problem. guns rarely get used that way. here's the bunch of study. in the '80s, looked at all injuries involving guns. kept in the home in memphis and seattle. they found the weapons were fired far more -- often in accidents, criminal assaults, homicide saturdays than self-defense. for every instance in which a gun in the home was shot in self-defense, there were seven criminal assaults or homicides four accidental shootings and 11 attempted or successful suicides. the cost benefit balance is negative for women according to another 2011 review from harvard. far from making women safer it
7:44 am
is a strong risk factor for female homicides in domestic violence situation risk of homicide increased eight-fold when the abuse her access to the firearms. further, there was no clear evidence that victims access to a gun reduced their risk of being killed. another 2003 study found that females living with a gun in the home from 2.7 times more likely to be murdered than females with no gun in the home. anle is -- analysis by mayors -- women were killed by intimate partners at a much lower rate. >> aside from that, how did you enjoy the play, mrs. lincoln? >> stephanie: they increase the number of youth suicides. the academy of pediatrics has long urged parents to remove guns from the homes. as many people pointed out how safe did that make adam's mother? there is a woman with an arsenal in her home. that's the real danger of her testimony. all right. let's go to debbie in ohio.
7:45 am
you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi deb. >> caller: hi, i love you guys. love your show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i was just saying we own guns. we have a pump shotgun and a pellet gun and that guy that called in that was shooting into his fireplace, can't kill anything is wrong. the pump shotgun usually nine times out of ten, if you have an intruder, all you have to do is do the shuck shuck. >> stephanie: you could have my box is all you would need. >> caller: exactly. right. and yes, thank you. and it depends on the ammo that's in the gun too. because apparently my husband knows i'm such a lousy shot that he has put this kind of shot in it that will just -- you know, hit anybody anywhere. >> stephanie: that's why we've said i'm too spazzy to have a gun. i'm too spazzy to have my box protect mean because i would hit the wrong button. [farting sounds]
7:46 am
>> caller: i want to ask roland a question. would you please bring the sexy liberals to ohio university. we have a nice, big convocation center down there. i would get to see you. >> stephanie: i will bring my box and my sound effects. >> caller: please do. i love it. >> stephanie: thank you debbie. that's the problem. i wouldn't even be able to use my box for protection, right? i have a -- [ screaming ] >> you know how old people have a big button phone? we need to get. >> big button fox. >> stephanie: or a box with just this. [shuck shuck] >> stephanie: home box would be different than the work box. >> we need to keep your box simple. >> stephanie: let's go to taye in texas. hi taye. >> caller: hello. yes, ma'am. about the gun control. you know, the children have been forgotten about. the 20 children have been
7:47 am
completely forgotten about. and in my area, december 28th, there was a 12-year-old that was shot in the chest with a -- from a 9-year-old with a single shot .22. and i can imagine -- i went to one funeral. i can imagine going to 20. it is just -- i think you know, the people of the united states like the nra my husband included because he's a hunter, i think they're spoiled rotten. i really think they're spoiled rotten because they're just like a little child that wants to get on the ground and just jump and scream and everything. i'm not getting my way. >> stephanie: they are. they're having a little tantrum. you can't take my lolli. they're spinning in the walmart parking lot. 46 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: there's something
7:48 am
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♪ get down tonight ♪ >> does it have to be tonight? today is not good for me. tomorrow and wednesday are really bad. how about thursday? >> stephanie: all right. 51 minutes after the hour. sexy liberal tour director says only five v.i.p. tickets left. [ screaming ]
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april 13th show. they might already be gone. 1-800-steph-12. >> you cannot pay with a bag of vipers. >> stephanie: or a bag of glass, alternatively. 1-800-steph-12. how many people you want to bet went to chicago theatre box office friday and did those jokes? buy my v.i.p. tickets with a bag of vipirs? >> about a bag of glass. >> stephanie: maybe you would see me differently if i were to drop you off at the john hancock. >> bury you under the billy goat. >> stephanie: dropped off the sand cock. frank in north carolina. hi frank. hi frank. hello, frank. north carolina frank in north carolina. >> caller: i had to get away from where i work. we were talking about the guns.
7:54 am
a lot of my friends around here who have a lot of guns, and you guys touched on it before with that talk about the -- people coming out of wherever, it is all fear. and how many here have ever tried to negotiate with a 2-year-old? >> stephanie: exactly. >> caller: it is a primal fear. these people, when i talk to them about guns and that, i tell them, best home defense? >> i need my ar-15 so i can defend myself. i'm not kidding. against black helicopters from the u.s. government when they come as obama's going to do it. >> stephanie: right. exactly right. >> wow. they would have to be black helicopters. >> stephanie: who other kind would they have? >> stephanie: guess what, frank. i'm going to give you a $50 pro flowers gift card so you can get
7:55 am
your sweetums something for valentine's day. hang on. travis, get his information. if you're looking for flowers go to and type in stephanie. it is a $50 gift card. we're giving them away all this week. >> we are. >> stephanie: let's go to elizabeth in jersey. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi elizabeth. >> caller: hold on a second. hi. let me turn my tv down. it is a real weird delay. hi steph. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: hi, everybody. i am calling because my husband received an injury for 32 gun grand prize from the nra. we have a personally signed four-page letter from wayne lapierrre and all we have to do is affix the sticker and we can choose from almost 72 different guns and we can win up
7:56 am
to 32 guns. >> stephanie: oh, how fun. >> caller: i won't try to take too much time. steph, real quick. it is a four-page letter. he states nra needs you as a fighting card carrying member more than ever before. that's because the second amendment is one freedom that gives you and me the power to protect every freedom in our bill of rights. without it all freedom vanished. because of gun owners like you which we are not, nra has beaten back hundreds of attacks on our rights from gun licensing to gun rationing, taxes and is your taxes on -- surtaxes on guns and ammo bans on gun shows and more. so steph remember this. we're still fighting gun-hating, federal bureaucrats militant, anti-gun judges at the federal state and local levels. you win global diplomats in congress.
7:57 am
and the state legislatures. >> stephanie: a little wordy. >> freedom hating billionaires. >> stephanie: all right. thank you. dear god. here is peppy le pew's former lover, wayne lapierrre. >> there will be people caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare and abuse in terms of prosecutions. and it is all going to affect only the law-abiding people. the criminals could care less. >> stephanie: thanks for playing missing the point entirely. >> gun? wow! >> stephanie: see what you did there? >> how does anyone survive in europe without having an entire arsenal? >> stephanie: the former president of the nra told cnn the group has -- we have flip-flopped on background checks. yes, we have. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] back in 1996, they ran ads saying it is reasonable to provide for instant background checks at gun shows. after last month's massacre in newtown, connecticut universal background checks, a waste of
7:58 am
time at best and a federal nightmare that would lead to confiscation. he said yes the nra's chance to position the national instinct criminal background system is not working now. so let's just do away with checks entirely. make it work and strengthen it. >> you should read the article in "rolling stone," the nra versus america and talks about 11 days after columbine. before an american flag and addressed the nation of firearms and student safety. we believe in totally safe schools. no guns in america's schools period. this is in 1996. >> stephanie: talking points memo, nra thinks its old playbook will work again after newtown. they're misplaying this. the nra has baffled some by pushing the gun control refusing to give ground on anything, even wildly popular proposals like universal background checks. david keen said our opponents hope this time is different in the sense they hope they can use
7:59 am
emotion to achieve an anti-firearms agenda they haven't been able to achieve in the past. asked if he thought things were different this time, keen said no. >> what kind of weirdo would have any kind of a motion about -- emotion of a kid getting killed in the face. >> stephanie: with a military weapon at close range. the nra approach has missed the mark. one political scientist said gun control has remained far longer than after past shootings. he attributes this in part to president obama's push for strong gun laws. when you look at whether it's gabby giffords or ray kelly or general mcchrystal or any -- this time is different. it is. what's going to happen with -- i don't know. >> if the government were going to come after you with black helicopters and drones, your guns aren't going to help you. >> stephanie: right. >> you won't see it coming. >> stephanie: here comes a predator from a helicopter. oops. now, and this is the final mail. sill vister stallone -- sylvester stallone supports the
8:00 am
assault weapons ban. when rambo supports the assault weapons ban you've lost the fight. 58 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
8:01 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: all right. hour number three. hello, jacki schechner. >> hello. >> stephanie: oh, come on. you know you want to dance. come on, come on! ♪ all the single ladies ♪
8:02 am
♪ all the single ladies ♪ >> you can't see it. >> i didn't like that version last night though. it didn't have the pep that this version has. >> stephanie: it was something with the sound quality. >> she could let them each sing a line. >> stephanie: then she shoved them into the bleachers. >> your mics are a little lower than mine but help me with this. >> stephanie: i thought they were going to be bringing her water and stuff. >> they both looked great though. >> they did. >> that may have been part of the problem. because they're just too pretty, go away. >> stephanie: meow. here's jacki schechner in the current news center. our musicologist as well. >> we've been talking about gun control and so is president obama today. this hour, he's on his way to minneapolis where he will speak with local leaders and law enforcement officials about his proposals to help curb gun violence. the white house picked minneapolis because it has been working on ways to do the same
8:03 am
including pushing for stronger background checks. minneapolis hosted a regional summit in january for elected officials to top gun safety. back in 2008, it started a program to help at-risk youth and help rehabilitate those who had already committed crimes. president obama sat down with cbs's scott pelley before the super bowl yesterday and talked about some other pressing issues including the on-going fight over the deficit and government spending. the president told pelley he did see the possibility of a deal with republicans that did not include further tax hikes but did close loopholes and eliminate deductions that allow the wealthier americans to gain the system. he also weighed in on the boy scouts of america and the idea the organization is considering lifting its ban on gay members and leaders. the president said that the boy scouts should be open to gay members and leaders and says he believes everyone should have the same access and opportunities regardless of sexual orientation. homeland security secretary janet napolitano is on the road today. she is traveling to san diego
8:04 am
and then she will be in el paso tomorrow to take a look at border security measures. she's meeting with local and state officials. republicans want stricter measures in place as a provision of comprehensive immigration reform but the administration points out it spent $18 billion last year on immigration control and it deported some 410,000 people, a record. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us. (vo) this afternoon, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. the web site. check it out. you can e-mail us all there. chris lavoie, jim ward, me, stephanie miller. v.i.p. tickets for chicago may be gone. >> there were five left last checked but that was -- 10, 15 minutes ago. >> stephanie: try. we just went on sale in friday. [ explosion ] >> state street went kablooey. >> stephanie: remember only three. there it is. sexy liberal. >> you can't be trusted with your box. >> stephanie: i'm not good with my box. only three this year. we already did our east coast one in d.c. in january. one in the spring in chicago and one west coast in the fall. that's it. [ applause ]
8:09 am
>> stephanie: go, get it. one midwest show. do it. >> are you going to repeat everything i say this morning? >> what? >> stephanie: we were saying the final nail in the coffin. for an assault weapons ban jim. we're almost certain of it. >> assault weapons ban. sorry, what? >> stephanie: he said despite his rambo image and his -- sadly, his new film is named "bullet to the head." [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: he's in favor of new national gun control legislation. he supported the brady bill and hopes the ban can be reinstated. who needs an assault weapon like really unless you're carrying out an assault you can't hunt with it. who will attack your house? a [ bleep ] army? ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪ ♪ let's give the boy a hand ♪ >> the north vietnamese. >> stephanie: specifically. >> vietcong was in the south. >> stephanie: a lot of people talking about this story. it is very sad.
8:10 am
ex-navy sniper, another vet killed at texas gun range. former navy seal known for a record number of sniper killings was shot dead at a texas gun range at the hands of a fellow military veteran. chris kyle, the author of the best selling american sniper and chris were gunned down on the ground there in texas. >> deliberately? >> stephanie: yes. >> wow. so sad. >> stephanie: not a gun-free zone wayne lapierrre just fyi, the gun range. all right. the president, by the way oh, dear god rick perry said that the boy scouts who keep their no gay policy, he would like -- to not continue to not be allowed to play any of our reindeer games. >> this is why rick perry's approval ratings in texas are in the crapper. oops. >> stephanie: they're in the oops range. he emphatically said saturday the boy scouts of america should not soften its no gays policy and suggested bending the organization to the winds of
8:11 am
popular culture is wrong. he said failure to adhere to the organization's core values was a cause for high rates of teen pregnancy. [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] because the gays, of course, getting -- >> gays are causing teen pregnancy. >> stephanie: he's not a smart man. >> we found that out during the campaign. >> stephanie: in wayward use grow up to be men joining their fathers in prison. >> what? >> gays are men who join their fathers in prison? >> stephanie: if they're not knocking up teenage girls. i think most people see no reason to change the position. neither do i. i think a lot of people do. it is called basic fairness, equal rights. he said to have popular culture impact 100 years of their standards is inappropriate. it is just rude. to ask -- to let's gos join the we blows. it is just rude. growing number of sexual preferences would make the scouts more tolerant. i think you get tolerance every
8:12 am
day in scouting except for the homos is what his point is because gay activism is central to their lives meaning all gays, it would unavoidably be a topic of conversation within a scout troop. this would -- really? you're sitting around making sha sha -- s'mores let's talk about gay sex again. this would distract from the mission of scouting character building. he said the radical homosexual movement seeks societal normalization of their activity. i respect their right to engage in the individual behavior but they must respect the rights of millions and refuse to normalize their behavior. >> the right to -- >> stephanie: hey. what? >> where is that in the constitution? foghorn leghorn i don't need you to normalize behavior. what? all right. >> oops. >> stephanie: all right. the president before the
8:13 am
super bowl yesterday. >> obama: my attitude is gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does. in every institution and walk of life. >> what? >> that's crazy! >> that's crazy radical kenyan talk. >> stephanie: exactly. bit way here's the perfect reason why -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] did you hear this story? i'm not sure. is it dog lover or gay. owner sends gay dog to be euthanized in tennessee. >> that was awful. >> i didn't send you that story because it was so awful. >> stephanie: the dog is fine. he was adopted so that's fine. >> right. but -- >> stephanie: is it wrong to suggest some people be -- >> be euthanized? >> stephanie: no. [ buzzer ] be dumb? >> did i go a little too far? >> stephanie: yes. he suspected the dog was gay. >> he just suspected he was gay. >> because he was licking his crotch. >> he was acting real gay.
8:14 am
>> stephanie: fortunately, the pup was later -- jackson tennessee owner surrendered his gay -- >> dancy and fancy. >> stephanie: his gay dog for euthanization to the animal shelter -- he thought his male pitbull humping another male dog. >> dogs will hump a chair. >> stephanie: thank you. >> dogs will hump anything. >> stephanie: it is more dominance. moron! facebook campaign is set up to try to save the gay dog. a woman named stephanie as all awesome people are named friends affiliated with an animal rescue group plan to adopt the dog. >> i just don't hold with it. a dog shouldn't bark all hey! >> stephanie: he interpreted it as hey girl. that's what the bark sounded like. >> hey. >> hey woof.
8:15 am
♪ are you an idiot ♪ >> stephanie: okay. i can't remember which anti-gay rights person said that gays tear the social fabric. they will tear the social fabric and someone sent me a guy holding up a sign that says people against gay marriage say it will tear the social fabric. do you think gay people would do anything to harm fabric? good point. >> he has a point. [ applause ] >> cotton poly blend. it might be better left destroyed. >> you won't find that in "gq." >> stephanie: karl in las vegas. hello, karl. >> caller: hello. how are you today? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i think people haven't heard all of the facts about the high-powered military weapons, the ar-15, the 223 caliber rifle. i don't think anybody wants
8:16 am
somebody running down the street shooting at anybody. i don't care what kind of criminal they are. the bull set not going to stop when it hits that person. >> stephanie: no. that's why it's designed for war. it is designed to kill the most people. >> the person who pulled that trigger, if it goes down the street and kills somebody sleeping in their house can he be held responsible for killing that? or does the nra think he should get a free ride. oh, he was defending his house. he shouldn't be held responsible for killing a little kid in his house when he pulls the trigger. kill somebody five miles away. >> stephanie: karl, that's exactly the point. that's why this is a gun. designed for the battlefield. designed when you don't have all of the time in the world to train soldiers. it sprays bullets. it is designed to kill the most amount of people. you don't have to have accuracy. it is not an accurate weapon to defend yourself. >> as happened in aurora, the bullets go right through the walls into the adjacent theatres. >> stephanie: walt in new york. hi walt.
8:17 am
hello, walt. >> hello. >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: oh, hi. steph, love your show. >> stephanie: thank you. go ahead. >> caller: i gotta say they ought to change the acronym nra to no responsible adults. item two, let's take this assault weapons connotation off the board and call them those weapons what they are. baby killers. >> stephanie: yep. all right honey. >> i can think of a different acronym for nra but it is nothing i can say on the air. >> stephanie: we were talking about this yesterday watching the super bowl about you know, because there was one guy -- i guess he was okay. but we're just going this is just crazy. these guys are all disabled. concussions and all of that stuff. the president talking about it. >> obama: these are grown men. they're well-compensated. as we start thinking about the
8:18 am
pipeline pop warner, high school college i want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to make the sport safer and that means that the game is probably going to evolve a little bit. >> stephanie: that's just crazy. it is nearly 300 pound man running at top speed. just the level of concussions. crazy. we cheer them. yeah crunch. although i want to go on record again as saying that was a hold. they were holding crabtree in the end zone, the 49er and they should have called it. >> all i know is it interrupted -- >> stephanie: i didn't care about the game until after the blackout. then it was comeback. >> it interrupted the beyoncé concert. >> stephanie: yes. i told you i was outside. i heard music. i was like oh, it is halftime. i gotta go back in. hang on. all right. brian in athens real quick. hello, brian, go ahead. hello, brian. >> caller: hello. how are you? >> stephanie: good.
8:19 am
go ahead. >> caller: i just wanted to call in considering you got two topics going on that are very -- along the same lines. i'm a member of pink pistols which is a gay and lesbian organization for gun owners. >> stephanie: oh. >> caller: i am an ultra liberal i stand pretty much along the liberal lines everywhere except for one thing. gun control. and the reason is because i honestly believe that a government seeking to disarm its citizens is one that is going to leave citizens open to tyranny anarchy and possibly overruled by the government. >> stephanie: you need a gun to protect from anarchy? >> caller: you said something and i've heard this argument before about the fact that if the government wants to do something, we would be powerless. i kind of agree. if they really wanted -- me specifically, then yes they might be able to -- the type of
8:20 am
resources that would go out to the average citizen to be able to -- if something were to happen if we were to have a situation where our debt reached such a maximum that we became overly indebted to a government like china for instance. >> stephanie: you're going to need your pistol? >> caller: it's possible. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: i don't believe we should limit it to pistols. >> stephanie: okay. all right. sorry, honey. i appreciate your call. i'm out of time. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> 100 million chinese inveighed the country. you're going to fight them off with a revolver. >> stephanie: a pink pistol. by the way great piece in the times this weekend. u.s. debt not so dire. moderate changes could change the situation for at least a decade. most agree. it is because he brought up the debt. it is an interesting piece about this fearmongering and screaming we did debt ceiling hostage crisis and all of that stuff. anyway, so not to discount your fear that we're going to be
8:21 am
overtaken. >> well, yeah. that's paranormal. >> stephanie: we'll talk about this and much more as we continue. 19 minutes after the hour. it is "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: funny how. funny like she's a clown. like she's here to amuse you. it's the "the stephanie miller show."
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>> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 24 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. jake with the president carney. >> we created 2.2 million now with the revisions jobs in 2012. that means that we have been moving in the right direction when it comes to job creation. >> we're the jobs. where are the jobs? there they are. >> stephanie: we were talking to eric boehlert. box office -- stock market. stock market at an all-time high. sorry. i'm too hollywood right? yeah. anyway yeah. i was also reading another thing about income is at an -- gone up at a record level. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] interesting piece, l.a. times this weekend. u.s. debt is not so dire according to experts. jim, you always say this. all of this screaming about the deficit and we're going to be greece. [ screaming ] moderate changes could control the situation for at least a decade, most agree.
8:27 am
listening to the political shouting match and seeing washington lurch from one fiscal crisis to another the deficit is the equivalent of a meteor hurdling toward the u.s. the reality is different. the debt is probably not even the country's most economic challenge most experts say and certainly not the most urgent. the country is on course of spending that could lead to serious trouble not today or tomorrow but probably 10 to 20 years down the road. what the evidence does not show is such a crisis is close at hand or the u.s. is at imminent danger of turning into a basket case like present day greece. unless -- their austerity measures which is the opposite. financial experts agree it poses huge long-term challenges for the budget the nation's debt could be controlled by making a series of moderate policy changes. those changes although perhaps unwelcome would not require drastic changes. so there. thank you. [ applause ]
8:28 am
extreme crisis. >> the sky is falling! >> consumer spending increase, this is investment particularly for equipment and software was strong. residential construction was strong. we're seeing signs of that in today's jobs report. >> stephanie: hmm. >> meanwhile the economy's in the crapper. >> crisis of biblical proportions. dogs sleeping with cats. it is getting better? damn it. >> stephanie: which is why -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] did this case make me mad in "the new york times." the great gerrymander of 2012. this is why they have to win by cheating because the economy is getting better. i didn't realize the number -- i thought it was a million. actually 1.4 million people -- voted for democrats than for republicans for the house. this is nonsense. american people voted for a republican majority. no, they didn't. >> that's insane. >> stephanie: no, they did not. that's when you're losing on every single issue. this is what you have to do,
8:29 am
apparently. >> lie. >> stephanie: this is in "the new york times" yesterday. having the first modern democracy comes with bugs. normally we would expect more seats in congress to go to the political party that receives more votes. crazy? >> that's democracy. >> stephanie: the last lexicon founded expect aces. democrats received 1.4 million more votes for the house of representatives yet republicans won control of the house of a 234-201 margin. using fiscal tools common in deals like my own neuroscience, strong evidence this historic aberration arises from partisan disenphrasement. the rather asymmetrical results may surprise you. not me because this is what jim and i say about both sides do it. we'll have to leave it there. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] both sides don't do it. democrats of course don't do it as much as -- that's the whole point of this piece. though artful drawing of boundaries, it is possible to put large groups of voters on the losing side of the election. the republican state leadership committee, a washington-based
8:30 am
group dedicated to electing state officeholders issued a progress report on the multiyear plan to influence restricting. the $30 million strategy consists of two steps. take over the state legislatures then redraw state and congressional districts to lock in partisan advantages. the plan was highly successful. i've developed approaches of shenanigans by look not only at election returns with the naive standard that the party that wins more than half of votes should at least get half the seats. in november, five states failed to clear this low bar. arizona, michigan, north carolina pennsylvania and wisconsin. anyway, that's the whole point of the piece. what we already know. both sides may do it. one side does it more often. absent from the guilty list, california. california voters took redistricting out of legislature's hands by creating the redistricting commission which we do a lot of things wrong out here. >> that one we did right. >> stephanie: stupid initiative props.
8:31 am
ridiculous. crazy. [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> unicorn props. >> stephanie: exactly. anyway, he has a couple of great suggestions. we'll get to that and much more as we continue on "the stephanie miller show." going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
>> you know, for someone who's super, super hot you're really cranky. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. pete in texas.
8:36 am
hey, welcome. hi pete. >> caller: hello. how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: you covered what i wanted to talk about or said i wanted to talk about. my great governor rick perry. i was so proud of that man. i don't know what to do. but the big problem -- >> stephanie: you say you're so proud of him? >> caller: oh, yes. i'm really proud of him. a little bit of sarcasm there. just a tad. >> stephanie: you're implying sarcasm. >> caller: i think one of the biggest problems with straight people is they want to put a blank print over gay people. one of the best things i ever saw was a movie called boys in the band which is about four guys who were going to throw a birthday party for one of their friends. the only one that was flaming was -- i mean, he stood out.
8:37 am
>> stephanie: as the gays say yes, uh-huh. >> caller: an english teach. a guy that worked in business. most of the rest of them did not look gay, did not act gay. >> stephanie: but he was caliente is what you're saying. >> caller: what i'm saying is we automatically assume that all gay people -- all gay men particularly are interior decorators and fashion designers and we don't understand that they come in -- they're in all kinds of businesses and all kinds of activities. and we need to have a better understanding. i think -- >> stephanie: they come in all colors is what you're saying. in rainbow colors. >> caller: if they were included in scouts, maybe we could have more tolerance. that's the big thing is having more tolerance. >> i've got news for rick perry there are already gay leaders. >> caller: that's kind of like -- gays in the military, you know. >> right. >> caller: why not let them be honest about who they are.
8:38 am
>> stephanie: that's right. thank you, pete. won. >> stephanie: the gerrymandering story which made me so mad in "the new york times," two solutions to preserve majority rule and minority representation. redistricting must be brought into fairer balance. first, let's establish redistricting commissions in all 50 states. one of the very few things we're doing here in california. second adopt a stastist cal policy for gerrymandering. redistricting to cling to power it is up to all of us to take control of the process slate gerrymander. slay the dragon and put people back in charge of what is, after all, our house. thank you very much. good piece. ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪ ♪ let's give the boy a hand ♪ >> stephanie: thank you dragon.
8:39 am
>> stephanie: here's the worst news. republicans gaining control of their senses. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] the biggest donors in the republican party are financing a new group to protect senate incumbents by challenge from far site conservatives and tea parties. they worry they could complicate the party's efforts to win control of the senate. they're trying to get rid of the rapey guys. 40% less rapey guys next time. conservative victory project. the karl rove people. >> it is the people like michele bachmann and marsha blackburn from getting in there. >> stephanie: oh, jehovah god. the end of the tea party is near. >> the day is at hand. we are in the last days. your jehovah god. >> stephanie: it is the most robust attempt yet to impose a new sense of discipline.
8:40 am
discipline on the party. oh, no! because barbaric must be disciplined. [whipping sounds] >> stephanie: there is broad concern about having blown a significant number of races. races. [whipping sounds] [because the wrong candidate was selected. we want to pick the most conservative candidate who can win. you know what they call that? that's the buckley rule, jim. >> jr. >> stephanie: right. you know what they're saying in this article. by imposing the buckley rule, electing the most conservative candidate, they may be running foul of the reagan rule, not to speak ill of other republicans. what happens when you get your buckley rule reagan rule? >> you've got buckley in my reagan. >> two great tastes that taste
8:41 am
great together. >> stephanie: it would put a new twist on the republican warfare. this is not good for us. they could be regaining control of their senses. they're trying to put reasonable republicans, noncrazy tea party. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] hey, look, speak of which did you hear scott brown will not seek john kerry's -- so much for that whole -- john mccain had all of that -- angry leprechaun, fake outrage. >> it is not the policy. >> senator. >> stephanie: he tweeted about that. the late night tweeter did. >> you know who might run? did you see that? tagg romney. >> stephanie: oh, that. or ann. >> stop it. this is hard. >> ann: stop it. this is hard. you want to try it, get in the ring. this is hard. >> stephanie: they're talking to ann and tagg.
8:42 am
and flirn or flag, too. >> what expertise would they bring? >> stephanie: that's what i'm wondering. >> the governorship of massachusetts. >> stephanie: go with ann. she's so warm. [ laughter ] >> stop it. >> ann: stop it! >> stephanie: speak of somebody who i think will be back in elected office, outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i am very proud to have been secretary of state. i will miss you. i will probably be dialing ops just to talk. >> stephanie: go take a nap and then let's go. hillary, 2016. >> she's already getting the infrastructure in place. you know that. >> stephanie: take a nappy. we got this! all right. senator mike from nebraska will support chuck hagel for secretary of state. senator roy blunt republican of missouri says -- >> i don't intend to vote for
8:43 am
him in the committee or on the senate floor and there are so many inconsistencies yesterday that were explained by -- i would have to look at the whole context of what he said -- i said at the time. >> that was blunt. >> stephanie: that was blunt. he's very troubled. very troubled. troubling, troubling nomination there. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] very troubled. >> troubled by bluntness. >> stephanie: okay. jay carney on -- by the way the white house offered religious groups a way out on contraception. they will flush out their nomination for religious groups. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] employers insurance plans cover female contraception without cost. i don't understand what the problem is with this thing. the offered a religious confirmation. the proposed rule detail aspirin announced a year ago. permits religious organizations to decline to pay for birth control coverage. their insurance company would be
8:44 am
required to require the service for free. >> even the catholic league's donahue, that blowhole said he appreciated the obama administration reaching out to catholics. >> stephanie: he didn't compare anything to the holocaust? >> he didn't. >> which is shocking. >> so unusual. >> stephanie: he accused me of hypothetically supporting obama -- supporting madonna if she danced out of an oven and made fun of jews which she didn't. he said i would support her if she did that. >> stephanie: i've gotten into many hypothetical arguments with that man that i don't know how to get out of. i'm like a miami in a box. -- i'm like a mime in a box. >> women had services to contraception and that the policy respects religious beliefs. >> it's not the policy. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: it is. she gets the prices. we mentioned her on friday. senator cheryl -- the idaho
8:45 am
republican that compared obamacare to -- >> hitler. >> the holocaust. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> she has the most spectacularly architectural bangs in the world. i fell in love with those bangs the second i saw them. >> stephanie: oh, my goodness. she drew a comparison between the private insurance companies participating in obamacare and the jews boarding trains to concentration camps. she said idaho should refuse to set up a state run health exchange under obamacare because although the federal government is using private insurance for the time being the obama administration will pull the trigger on those companies to establish a socialist cal healthcare system. the insurance companies creating their own tombs much like the jews boarding trains. >> really? [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: they're used by the feds to put the system in place because the federal government has no way to set up the exchange. when the newspaper there asked her to clarify her comments, she
8:46 am
doubled down. >> oh? >> stephanie: she did not mean to disrespect any group of people with her analogy. and explained she said it because i felt badly for the jews. and it wasn't just the jews but jews and christians and catholics and priests. my thing was they didn't know what was going on. >> get the gays out of there. >> stephanie: everyone else in there, thanks. the insurance companies are not realizing what's going to end up in their demise. this is giving the insurance company how many more -- [ buzzer ] moron, moron moron. all right. >> she needs to go back to fantastic sam's. >> stephanie: that was catty. >> i'm sorry. >> stephanie: meow. [ laughter ] >> sorry about that. >> stephanie: yeah. here's the -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] i think the difference in our fortune politically right now. speaking of hillary running hillary could carry texas in
8:47 am
2016. a tee then a hee. >> it is a democratic poll but still encouraging. >> stephanie: she died with rubio and christie in the match-up. only two points over christie. i think it's spectacular. it is texas. [ applause ] i'm scared in jersey because geraldo might run. [ buzzer ] as we discussed on friday. he's going to run against -- >> press conference in his vault. >> stephanie: miest in of new best friend and super hero cory booker. all right. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> look, the two symbols of the republican party. an elephant and a big fat white guy who's threatened by change. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way
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he was a comedy genious. addicted to the spotlight and living too close to the edge. of all the hours in all his days, these are the ones you'll never forget.
8:52 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> the superdome was not ready for this. lights went out. >> stephanie: not ready for that jelly at all. you gotta be ready for that. 51 minutes after the hour. >> you're absolutely right. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-12. here's a story. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] american incomes rose in december by the most in eight years. a positive sign for consumer spending. blah, blah blah. okay.
8:53 am
>> in new hampshire. >> they were little orphan bear cubs. mom and dad were gone so they tore the house apart. >> stephanie: orphan baby bear cubs just want to stay up and play all night. they were having a party up in here. 27 new hampshire baby bear cubs are having a slumber party of their lives this winter because there's not enough to go to sleep. they're at the new hampshire bear hill conservancy. they're putting on makeup and prank calling and playing with a ouija board even though jessica's mom says it is the tool of the devil. no bear wants to fall asleep because he's afraid his friends will put his paw in a cup of warm water. writing on each other's butts with lipstick. >> totes adorbs. >> stephanie: exactly. kids chicago hurry go, get it. box office exploded on friday.
8:54 am
[ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] we set -- >> records. >> stephanie: april 13th sexy liberal. i think v.i.p. is gone. other tickets -- i don't want to say. it is crazy. you and travis mayfly. >> we may end up going there. >> we're trying to talk your boyfriend into coming, too. >> which one? accidents happen when you sign up to go to chicago with the rest of the crew. jetblue flight diverted after a flight involving onboard tv -- actually had to land the flight. because a woman was seated in the premium session. another passenger was moved to the same row because his tv monitor didn't work. she became angry the man was moved to her premium section without paying extra. she got into an argument with the flight crew. air marshal. >> air marshal had to get involved. >> stephanie: bridesmaids, i know it is the whole thing. >> i knew you were an air marshal. watching you. >> stephanie: i knew it!
8:55 am
i've got your back. i loved that movie. our good friend, don't you mess with her. she's like first of all this big. three inches tall. >> the set tried to kill her. >> stephanie: she's doing great. >> i found out apparently she lives across the street from my new place. >> really? >> wow. >> stephanie: speaking of totes adorbs. >> that's the very definition of totes adorbs. >> stephanie: and it involves her dog. so this is just -- american airlines, don't you -- it started when she tried to board a flight from dallas to l.a. with her dog madeline. attendant told her she didn't have the right documentation. she insisted she had done everything correctly. it left chenoweth in tears. she took to twitter to voice her frustration. she ended up receiving an official apology from american airlines. meanwhile, she scolded their description of the dog. maddie is not a service dog. she's an emotional support animal. >> stephanie: can't i get --
8:56 am
god knows i need emotional support. can't i get max as my emotional support animal? >> something tells me madeline is much smaller than madeline. >> stephanie: everybody just spread out. >> there would be a river of drool going down the aisle. >> he would want to ride in the cockpit anyway. >> stephanie: hey, what a perfect segue to the first porn actress going into space. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> absolutely. >> right. >> one small step for space porn. adult film actress set to become first porn star in space. >> porn stars in space. >> stephanie: she's known for her roles jim. >> do we want to know? >> stephanie: big booty bomb number two. >> the sequel. electric boogaloo. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: and -- i think i might be female. but lesbian [ bleep ] number four. if you enjoyed the first three.
8:57 am
>> once you get past the trilogy, then it starts to go downhill. >> stephanie: honey love -- >> wait. >> stephanie: astro slut next year. >> astro slut? >> stephanie: that's what they're calling her. >> she puts the assn astro slut. >> maybe i'll pop my boob out and take a photo of it with the earth in the background. neil armstrong one small step. we cut to honey love. >> stephanie: okay. let's go to -- >> you saw the picture of her. >> stephanie: little rough. >> she's been around. >> stephanie: yikes. okay. okay. shelley in richmond, virginia. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi shelley. hi shell. >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> stephanie: go ahead.
8:58 am
>> caller: wayne lapierrre and the gun advocates keep trying to make the argument that if we have tighter gun laws, that it's going to be impinging people's rights who are gun owners that we're going to be stepping on their rights. gun owners, excuse me. the thing is all of these people who have committed all of these crimes are -- have been lawful gun owners. >> stephanie: that's right. exactly. >> caller: it's not just criminals. we have to be fearful of everybody with guns. >> stephanie: yep. adam's mom is a quote-unquote responsible gun owner according to the nra. >> they're all responsible gun owners until they decided to commit these crimes. what's their argument after that. >> stephanie: you get a $50 sherry's berry gift card.
8:59 am
what do you think about that? >> caller: that's great. >> stephanie: that's an amazing valentine's day deal and gift. they're huge. if you seen them? chocolate-dipped strawberries. go to type in the code word stephanie. >> bigger than a baby's first. [ applause ] >> wow. >> stephanie: honey, you shouldn't have. chocolate covered baby firsts. i love you! [ laughter ] >> won't they miss their firsts? >> stephanie: they're not actually -- >> oh, okay! >> stephanie: by the way speaking of women who need profession, rihanna confirms she and chris brown are back together. >> is that a good idea? >> stephanie: things are different now. well, she doesn't have a gun i suggest she stock up on umbrellas -- ellas ellas. >> herp derp. >> stephanie: all right. on that note, you know what? that's the sign that you're out

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